Seaside Builders, Inc


Seaside Builders, Inc. works closely with Owners, home designers, architects and engineers throughout the entire project to ensure top quality from conception to completion. In working with architects and home designers we have earned a reputation for being honest and fair. We work hard to achieve what has been designed with cost in mind. With an open book policy, we are very involved in value engineering to keep you on budget and still get the results you are looking to achieve.


Renovations require an experienced builder with the ability to tie into existing structures. Adding new elements and larger spaces requires the knowledge to ensure that changes are structurally sound and up to code.

Seaside Builders, Inc. has been trusted with major renovations that completely reformed the look of homes with great results due to our experienced team. We have an extensive resume of major renovations in this area.

We also have 8 in-house employees that have been with us long-term. They are master carpenters and were trained personally by the owner, Tony Gardner. This brings great value to the customer for costs and time, since we do not have to wait on subcontractors. Our skilled employees are on site and can handle all aspects of constructions needed.

Seaside Builders, Inc

It can be the smallest of details that stand out the most. Seaside Builders, Inc. team has master carpenters that add those special touches that set your house apart with unique elements and one of a kind touches. Our Home Designer can offer distinctive designs that can take your home to the next level. Just take a peek at some of the details that can make a huge difference.